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Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 the Easy Way

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The simplest, easiest and surest way to master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 with 14 hours of training videos.

Created by Simon Seese IT Last Updated on 6/2017 What Will I Learn in English?

  • Import photos and enhance your organization with catalogs.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the elements workspace.
  • Use professional image editing and correction techniques to produce incredible results.
  • Organize and organize large collections for easy viewing of your photos.
  • Create retreats, composite photos, and add text.
  • Create photo slideshows and other projects effectively.
  • Use one of the layers to enhance your Photoshop skills.
  • Use optimization and enhancement techniques.
  • Apply different styles and effects.
  • Turn an image into black and white.
  • Create special projects for sharing, including cards and calendars.


  • Install Adobe Photoshop Element 15 on PC or Mac.


Get confidence in using Photoshop elements and make your photo memories magical.

  • Enhance your photos so they look stunning, even if you don’t take the perfect shot.
  • Personalize your use of Photoshop elements to suit your specific needs.
  • Visit the Photoshop Elemental Interface and discover updates and new features.
  • Import and organize your photos so you can easily find them for future use.
  • Use basic and cutting-edge techniques to perfect and enhance your images.

Discover the Power of Photoshop Elements 15

We’ve all seen amazing photos of people, places, and events that look absolutely perfect and lead us to the assurance of a “photoshop”. Now you can get the advanced capabilities needed to use Photoshop Elements as a pro.

Designed for interior-level photographers, image editors and hobbyists, Photoshop Elements incorporates most of the features of the professional version but with simple options and at a minimal cost. This gives you the freedom to take advantage of the most essential and useful features of Photoshop, at no cost to hinder complex, elite features that are prohibitive to most of us.

Reviews and Contents

Our course, Master Photoshop Element 15 Easy Way, lets you get started – which lets you know to download the latest version of this powerful software and get it up and running. From there, you’ll be guided every step of the way to become a true user user of the Photoshop element.

Our practical tips and tricks will show you how to make instant edits, incorporate artistic touches or transform your images into expressions of your vision and creativity. You will understand that to make the most of your Photoshop Elements experience, you can configure pictures by importing them into a central repository, where you can tag images with keywords and easily use them in the future. Albums can be added to albums. That means you’re far from creating beautiful books, cards, pictures, and even more that you can share with family and friends.

With easy-to-follow steps in each video tutorial, you will become a master of Photoshop elements. This tutorial will teach you the basics of using this digital image editing software. By learning the basic techniques in addition to the more advanced skills, you will enable these student skills to start your job, hobby, or even your own creative business.

As part of the course, you will receive exercise files to practice what you have learned and gain confidence on the go.

Get ready to make your photo memories magical!

** Updated June 2017. Transcript of the course is now available. Who is the target audience?

course This course was created for people who see the benefits of Photoshop elements and want to learn how to use the latest version. Whether you’re new to Photoshop Elements or upgrading from an older version, this is perfect for anyone who isn’t completely confident about your current skills. This course was designed to be easy-to-use by newcomers and experienced users, including interior level photographers, image editors or aspirants.


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