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Java Script Interview Prep: Practice Problems Latest Course

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Build great JavaScript-based web apps from the very beginning to the ninja level with modern JavaScript.

Sean Peeling Lost updated on 4/2019. This course includes:

  • 19 hours on-demand video.
  • 1 Downloadable Resources.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Mobile and TV access.
  • Certificate completion


  • Learn how to program with modern JavaScript from beginner to more advanced topics.
  • Learn all about OOP (object oriented programming) with JavaScript, work with prototypes and classes.
  • Learn how to create real-world frontend applications (quizzes, weather applications, chat rooms, etc.) with Javascript
  • Learn how to create useful JavaScript-driven UI components like popups, dropdowns, tabs, tooltips and more.
  • Learn how to use advanced, sophisticated JavaScript features today by using the latest workflows (Babel and Webpack).
  • How to use real-time database to store, retrieve and update application data.
  • Discover the API for optimizing third party data (such as weather information)

Course Contents 173 Lectures 18: 59: 32 Requirements.

  • A basic grip of HTML and CSS (how to create simple, static web pages)


Access your next JavaScript coding interview with practice questions. Learn important JavaScript capabilities and concepts.

What will I learn?

  • Be very well prepared for Javascript Programming Interviews.
  • Learn the skills, concepts and techniques needed to improve JavaScript coding interviews.
  • You can be asked to interview in Excel for various JavaScript interview questions.
  • Learn what programming interviews are like and what types of questions to expect.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of Javascript programming skills and key JavaScript concepts.
  • Feel very confident in the JavaScript programming interviews you will have.


  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge – It prepares you for on-the-ground interviews!


This course is a great preparation for any JavaScript programming interview you may come across. Programming interviews are known for being stressful, but the best way to prepare for an interview is to practice, practice and practice! In this course you will complete more than 30 JavaScript Interview Questions that come from the original JavaScript Interviews. We will go ahead with the process of addressing the problems, then you will try to solve each problem, and then we will walk you through the best steps to solve each problem. We will dive deeper into the skills, concepts and techniques needed to solve each problem.

When you complete this course, you will have mastered the 30+ interview questions that we will cover, but you will also learn the concepts, skills and techniques that you will need to ask interview questions. Are necessary to do. General Chat Chat Lounge You will feel very confident when you go to a JavaScript programming interview. Above all, you’ll strengthen your Javascript programming skills as well as the basic JavaScript principles as a whole.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is looking for a job as a programmer.
  • Anyone looking for a job as a web developer.
  • Anyone who will be interviewing for a programming or web developer job.
  • Anyone who wants to consolidate their JavaScript skills and knowledge.

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